I love this salon! They have the best staff and take care of the equipment and especially their customers! This salon is focused on educating their clientele and ensuring that they get the best possible results depending on the unique needs of each person that walks into their salon. I go there for the collagen-boosting red light therapy and after only a few sessions, my skin feels amazing and I will continue to be a regular as I am confident that if the results are half of what the manufacturer claims, this will become a "fixed expense" in my skin care routine. I can't say enough about the staff and the friendly, helpful attitude that each person has there, especially Val. She is dedicated to providing her clients with a great salon experience at a reasonable price with truly FANTASTIC results that you will be pleased with. Kudos to the quality and for doing everything the way it should be! - Lisa

Great selection of services in a comfortable environment. Add to that excellent customer service and you get an A+++ tanning salon! - Kim W

I live in west Waukesha County and drive 18 miles to tan here. I must pass 30+ tanning salons. I have never met nicer people & recieved better service then I have at Tanfastic. I'm picky about cleanliness & atmosphere. They treat you as a friend not a client. I started tanning here about 1yr ago after looking for a place that would meet my expectations. They replace the bulbs frequently & it's obvious they are quality. I get a better tan here then at other places with same equipment. All questions are answered by an educated staff that care about you & your best interest not theirs. They sell great tanning products & will tell you what's best for you and your skin. I wish I could find more businesses like them. - Jules

Val and her staff are great! They are friendly and knowledgeable! I can always count on them to make me smile! The salon is clean and inviting! "Tanfastic" has a wide variety of tanning products and 2 redlight beds. I have been a return customer for many years, I wouldn't go anywhere else!! I recommend you give "Tanfastic" a try!- Doreen N  (Redlight Therapy customer)
I started using the redlight collegen therapy bed at Tanfastic in June 2010 and have noticed amazing results. After only 3 sessions my skin started feeling very silky & smooth. After about 2 weeks, I cut back on the quantity of moisturizers I use. The brown age spots on my hands, arms & legs have either dissapeared or faded significantly. I just went for an eyebrow wax & they mentioned how healthy my skin looked. What an ego boost for a 60 yr old! Thanks Val and staff! -Sue (Redlight Therapy customer)
Everyone that works there are super cool! Being 16 I always want to go somewhere where I feel comfortable and they are always the nicest people! Tanfastic is the only place I'd ever think about going tanning! - Jess
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Tanfastic Tanning Salon
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Val the owner is always professional and friendly. She has a great business and it's very clean. - Carolyn S
Cool, clean, & modern. They are extremely helpful and make sure you never get a burn. Just a perfect tan.- Katie T

I have been using the redlight therapy bed for 3 months now and my skin has NEVER been softer. My skin tone has completely evened out and I no longer have breakouts. It has also completely taken care of the occasional eczema problems I used to have. Thank you Tanfastic! 
-Kristen G. (Redlight Therapy customer)