"Saturn" High Pressure Stand-Up
Open concept! Tan in JUST  3-4 sessions!!! 12 minute tan time. Deep, dark, long lasting color!
"S-Class" The Ultimate in Luxury Power: 
12 minute maximum tanning time. AfterBronzer for extra facial tanning. Body & face misty breeze system. Continual aromatic fragrances. Double cooled lounge acrylic. Frosted acrylics. High pressure facials with XTT.
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"Sundazzler Super Stand-up"
11 Minute Session, 46 Bulbs/160 Watt Lamps
For tanners who demand maximum tan results with speed and power.
13715 W Capitol Dr. 
Brookfield, WI 53005
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"Santa Barbara"
This entry level tanning system delivers outstanding results in a luxurious atmosphere. Designed to blend elegance and functionality. The Santa Barbara is a 20 minute bed with 32 - 100 watt lamps, integrated 5-speed body fan and premium Heartland audio system. Included in Tanfastic's basic package.
Tanfastic Tanning Salon
13715 W. Capitol Dr . Brookfield, WI 53005 . 262-783-6649 
Red light therapy is an up and coming technology that can provide relief from a number of conditions, can help rejuvenate skin, and is completely safe and natural! Red Light Therapy stimulates collagen production in the skin providing results in weeks. Each session is 20 minutes. Tanfastic uses THE BEST Redlight Collagen lamps available.
12 Minute Superbed: 60 Watt lamps. Bravo is one of our "quick" beds: 12 minutes in this bed is equivalent to 20 minutes in one of our Superbeds.  Bravo is one of our most spacious & quiet beds!
Our Superbeds are bigger and deeper for comfort and have a higher watt lamp than our basic beds and wll get you darker quicker! They are equipped with 40 lamps: 20-160 watt lamps on top and 20-100 watt lamps on bottom. These beds have a 20 minute max tan time. 
UV-FREE "Mystic Tan HD" Spray Tan
"Infrared TheraSauna" 
30 Minute Session.
The Leg Tanner was created for those who want to even out their tan. Most tanning beds generally concentrate the majority of their light energy (tanning bulbs) towards the middle of the tanning area, because of this, it is virtually impossible for a client’s legs to catch up with their tan on other parts of their body. Women usually have a harder time tanning their legs, as they shave frequently, thereby exfoliating the skin faster on their legs. Our "Leg Tanner" will help you achieve that even tan you are looking for!
"The Bravo"
"The Leg Tanner"
12 Minute Session: 65 Watt Lamps 
"Sundash Superbed"

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